ARTHROSCOPIC SURGERY (pin hole surgery)

Most of joint reconstruction ( Treatment of injury to ligaments and cartilage) procedures are now being done with help of an arthroscope. Arthroscope is a small pen like instrument with ability to see inside the joint. Arthroscope is inserted in the joint using extremely small cut not more than 3-5 mm long. It offers massive advantages over conventional open surgery in terms of less pain, minimal bleeding and very accurate surgery. Advent of arthroscopic surgery has made many conventional procedure obsolete.

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery

  • Most problems of shoulder that are amenable to arthroscopic suregery are
  • Recurrent dislocations(Repeated episodes of ball of the shoulder slipping out of the socket).
  • Painful and disabling tears of shoulder muscle (Rotator cuff tears)
  • Stiff shoulder not responding to exercises and physiotherapy

Arthroscopic knee surgery

Following conditions are now exclusively treated by Arthroscopic means

  • Removal of loose bodies
  • Removal or trimming of cartilage flaps
  • Repair of meniscus tears
  • Reconstruction of major ligaments of knee
  • Treatment of painful cartilage defects

Arthroscopic elbow and ankle surgery

  • Removal of loose fragments of bone and cartilage
  • Repair of damaged ligaments
Dr. Suraj Prakash

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