Is open surgery more beneficial as the surgeon can directly see the damage

Arthroscope has bright light attached to the tip and give bright and magnified images allowing better visualization. This makes the surgery very precise

Is arthroscopic surgery more expensive

It is true that equipment required for arthroscopic surgery is expensive and therefore costs may appear to be on the higher side but these apparently higher costs are offset by shorter hospital stay and quicker return to routine life.

Are all orthopedic surgeons trained in arthroscopic procedures

No it is not part of routine training in our country. Mastery on the technique requires special training.

Knee arthritis

What is knee arthritis?

Condition where the cartilage (or cushion covering the bone) inside the knee is worn out is called.

What are types of arthritis?

Basically, these can be classified in two broad groups

  • Inflammatory arthritis where joint damage is part of general disorders affecting many joints and body systems example rheumatoid arthritis
  • Non-inflammatory arthritis (age related wear and tear) example is osteoarthritis. A sub type is arthritis arising as a result of an old injury to the knee joint

What are the symptoms of arthritis?

Common symptoms are pain, swelling and stiffness of the joint. Typically, the symptoms are severe in the morning but tend to get better as the person walks. Many patients can notice repeated episodes of swelling, gradually developing deformities (knock knees, bow legs)

I have just been diagnosed with knee arthritis, is it true that I need to get knee replacement surgery asap?

No, unless you are in advanced stage of arthritis which has not responded to any form of treatment. Many people can benefit immensely with simple exercises, stretching etc. for people who are overweight but otherwise active benefit significantly by losing few extra kilograms. The decision is never based on the images on x rays. Decision to operate is taken after comprehensive evaluation of patients’ needs and conditions.

What is visco-supplementation? Someone told me that this cures the knee pain?

Viscosupplementation involves injecting medicines in the joint to reduce stiffness and improve mobility. These medicines mimic the function of normal knee joint lubricant. Good results are reported (relief of up to a year) in mild or early arthritis. However, in late or moderately severe arthritis the results can be variable and unpredictable.


What is an arthroscope?

Arthroscope is a specialized surgical instrument designed to give images from inside the joint. Basically it is small telescope similar in size to a pen, it has a small viewing window which can be introduced into a joint, other size has a high resolution video camera attached along with a source of bright light. It permits surgeon to see minute details from inside of the joint.

Isn’t it better to open the joint and direcly see inside the joint?

No, images from an arthroscope are magnified, brighter and in far greater detail than what the surgeon can see with naked eye.

Any advantage of joint in for arthroscopic surgery?

  • Yes there are many advantages
  • Precise surgery
  • Highly accurate placement of implants graft material etc
  • Less painful as cuts are very small
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Saving with short stay in hospital and faster return to work/ sports

Is it true arthroscopy is for diagnosis only

In initial period of development of arthroscopic surgical techniques it was used as a tool for diagnosis but now more joint reconstructive procedures can be done arthroscopically than what can be done open.

What are common situations where arthroscopic surgery is done

  • Ligament reconstruction/repair
  • Loose body removal
  • Chondral pathologies(cartilage repair etc)
  • Removal/repair of menisci

What are the number of days one needs to stay in the hospital?

Most surgery’s can be done as a day care procedure(less than a full day admission. In some cases a single day admission is enough

Are all orthopedic doctors trained to perform arthroscopic procedures?

Mastering this branch of orthopedic requires acquiring certain special skills. Best results are achieved in those surgeons hands who have trained in these procedures

Knee Replacement

what is knee replacement?

Knee replacement is an operation where damaged and worn out surfaces of the knee are carefully removed with special instruments and replaced by size matched metal and plastic surfaces

How long will I take to recover after my knee replacement surgery?

Very often, we see people put off an important knee replacement surgery because they’re worried about the recovery period. They think they’ll be in a lot of pain for a long time and getting better will be difficult. The concerns are justified but reality is quite different, most patients are able to walk around in the room and go to the toilet on their own much before they go home. In practical terms there is no dependence on others in the post-operative period.

What is the usual schedule of recovery after Knee Replacement Surgery

Generally, recovery after a knee replacement surgery takes between three to six weeks, and the rehabilitation begins while in the hospital. Most welcome step for the patients is the next day after surgery when majority of the patients are able to stand. Mr Sood (see testimonial section) described his experience as if heavy weights were taken off the knees. Almost 80 percent recovery occurs with-in first 15-20 days. How-ever the knees continue to gradually improve upto a period of 6-8 months

Resuming Normal Activity after a Knee Surgery

Majority will be able to resume outdoor activities in about a month. How ever some variation is encountered depending on weight and pre-surgery activity levels of the patient.

I am overweight, my neighbor tells me to reduce 20 kg weight before undergoing surgery’ does it improve outcomes?

That’s a tricky question to answer. In theory it seems attractive idea to reduce weight but in practice it is practically very difficult to loose weight for a person who has severe pain the knee. Crash dieting will help loose some weight but there is a high risk of developing nutritional deficiencies.

What is the maximum weight of the patient where knee surgery can be done.

In our series heaviest patient that has been operated weighed 145 kg (see pic gallery)

What are the costs involved in this surgery

Costs can vary widely depending on type of implant, type of hospital and accommodation. Patient suffering from some medical condition can incur some extra costs. A clinical evaluation is recommended for a more accurate assessment.

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